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Yahoo Mail Not Working on Windows 10 – Here’s how to fix it

yahoo mail not working on windows 10

Things become worst when you can’t send or receive mail because your Yahoo mail is not working on Windows 10. Most of us rely on Yahoo email for various purposes and with its increasing use, technical issues are also causing inconvenience for us. Here in this guide, we will help you to know the possible fixes that will treat this not working of Yahoo mail on Windows 10. 

We offer a third-party option for Yahoo through which we deliver instant solutions for users’ problems. You can reach us via our Yahoo email customer support number +1-410-896-8780. Our technical support team will assist you throughout the problem’s solution by providing remote guidelines.

Methods to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working On Windows 10

Now, check the multiple fixes for the “not working issue of Yahoo mail on Windows 10:

Disable the ad-blocker & Fix Weak Internet Connection 

The ad-blocker program is responsible for blocking the loading of the Yahoo mail website. You have to turn off the ad-blocker and check if it fixes the problem. The second reason is a slow internet connection that takes a long time to load. To fix any internet issue, you should restart or reset your router. Another option is just to contact our Yahoo customer support service. 

When Yahoo mail is not working with the browser the reason is stored information on your browser. You can get over from this problem just by clearing the saved browser’s caches and cookies. 

To apply these fixes on your own you need to go through some troubleshooting steps. For instance, there are many internet issues that occur this issue, so you need to go take assistance from our team of experts. To clear your different browser’s cache, our professional technicians will help you to do. If the faulty browser was the cause of this issue, then these solutions will surely help you to resolve this Yahoo Mail Not Working on Windows 10.

Re-Add Yahoo Mail Account

First, open the mail application on your Windows 10. Open the settings of Yahoo go for “manage accounts” and after that toward “Add account”. Choose Yahoo and enter your mail address and after providing your credential details click on the Sign-in button. Keep going by agree and done button. Now, you can restart the Yahoo mail account on Windows 10 mail app. 

Change Settings

Another way is to keep your Yahoo mail setting compatibly customize so that it won’t disrupt your mail working functionality. This will solve your Yahoo mail not working on Windows 10 mail app. It starts with opening your Yahoo mail account and going toward “Account Settings”. Afterward, put in your email address and change your account’s sync setting. Through the Sync option toggle on or off the switch. If you are not able to access your Yahoo mail account, just remove and add it again. 

You need to contact our technicians for detailed solutions for customizing the mail settings. Our team will deliver you accurate guidelines that will surely treat this Yahoo Mail Not Working on Windows 10 update problem. 

Update Yahoo Mail

An update is essential for any program for its better functioning. The outdated version is the cause that stops your Yahoo mail from working. You can update it through the Playstore, just type the Yahoo mail in the search box. Now, click on the update option and wait until it gets downloaded and installed. After that ensure that it has fixed the problem.

If you still could not be done with fixing this issue, we suggest you just contact us. We will let you know more possible solutions for the same problem so that you can treat this Yahoo mail not working on Windows 10 mail app. 

More Solutions

It is all about fixing problems that start from the browser’s end. This includes clearing the cookies, cache, and history, and resetting it. You can also try to shift to another browser. The next thing is a simple restart of your Windows 10 system that can fix many technical glitches. 

If you still did not get rid of this Yahoo mail is not working issue, just contact us. Our team of professional technicians will help you by providing some solutions via useful remote guidelines to treat this Yahoo mail error.


Here we have delivered multiple possible solutions that are efficient enough to treat this problem of Yahoo Mail Not Working on Windows 10. You have to try them one by one and make sure which one has resolved the issue. To apply some of them troubleshooting, you need to ask our professional representatives. We offer this third-party Yahoo mail service that can treat every general error of your Yahoo mail.

You can reach us through the Yahoo customer care number +1-410-896-8780. Our experts will assist you with accurate guidelines that will solve your Yahoo mail not working on Windows 10 problem. 

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