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October 4, 2022
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Are you also having Yahoo mail not working on iPhone trouble? We have the solution.

Yahoo is a well-known mailing platform that makes this email service more convenient by providing advanced features. However, some of its iPhone users are having some problems using it. Here we will help you to fix yahoo not working on iPhone issues. Here, we will help you to know the causes of this working trouble of Yahoo on your iPhone. Afterward, we will also deliver some troubleshooting guidelines to help you treat this problem.

Our Yahoo customer services phone number +1-410-896-8780 is the appropriate option to take worthy guidance. Our quick response from our experts with the required problem-solving instructions can fix the working issue of Yahoo email. 

Why Does my Yahoo Mail not Work on iPhone?

  • The Yahoo mail application is not updated on your iPhone. 
  • Your Yahoo account got blocked cause of some security reasons.
  • Network connection issue of your iPhone.
  • Further, the software dysfunction issue starts with this Yahoo email not working on iPhone problem.

First, let’s check out the factors, which are responsible for this Yahoo email working error on your iPhone.

Fix Your yahoo mail Not Working on iPhone Problem

There are vast possibilities that cause this problem therefore check out the below-mentioned ways to resolve this Yahoo email issue on your iPhone:

Try to Sign-in the Yahoo account from other Devices

First, you should try this primary way of logging in to your Yahoo mail account from another laptop or phone. You have to make sure that your Yahoo mail can get accessed or not. By doing this, you will get aware that the issue of Yahoo mail not working on iPhone is the cause of the device, not the application. 

Delete & Readd again Yahoo email to IOS mail 

It is one of the general troubleshooting to delete your Yahoo email account from your iPhone. It simply starts from the settings of your iPhone and to the passwords & accounts. By choosing your Yahoo mail and proceed with the delete option to remove it. Through the password & accounts option, you should go to the “add account” option and put your Yahoo mail account again.

You need to follow some steps to perform this operation and an expert will make this easy for you. Our team of professionals will help you to perform this task easily which will fix this Yahoo not working on iPhone issue.

Check Yahoo Email Settings

There are a variety of yahoo settings that are responsible for sending, receiving or many other issues of it. Your sent mail may get spam your mail or won’t let you receive from other mailing platforms. From your iPhone, you have to just open Yahoo from your browser and sign in to your mail account. Now, go further into account info and account security. 

To know how to activate the setting of “Allow apps that use less secure sign-in”, you should contact our expert. We will help you to optimize every setting so that you can fix this yahoo mail not working on iPhone error. 

Restart & Update IOS Version of Your iPhone

By restarting your iPhone you can resolve most of its common glitches. You are going to require a different way to restore your iPhone with Face ID or without face ID. Another option is to update the IOS of your phone to the latest version which is IOS 16. It is possible from settings to General and then to software update. You have to just download and install the available version of IOS on your iPhone. 

To apply these troubleshooting guidelines, you have to go through a process. It becomes necessary to take the assistance of a professional technical expert, who can guide you to complete these steps. Our representatives make sure that you can easily fix this Yahoo mail not working on iPhone. 

Check The IMAP Setting on iPhone

Internal message access protocol is the default programming that is used by the Yahoo mailing platform. It needs to get enabled on your iPhone if you have set up your Yahoo email account on your iPhone. For this, you have to go to your Yahoo account on your iPhone and then to Advanced settings. Now, step into the IMAP section and activate this setting and recheck your Yahoo account details.

You should take the guidance of our professional expert who will help you to get enable this setting. Our team can be contacted through our yahoo customer services phone number, live chat, or email services. We will surely help you to get fix this yahoo mail not working on iPhone trouble.

Activate “Generate Password”

This trouble of yahoo not working on iPhone happens cause of the security terms of Yahoo. In such conditions, you are allowed to enable the “generate password” option that will let you access your Yahoo email account from other apps like Mail. To do this, you have to just sign in to your Yahoo account from the web and go to the “Account security” option and then generate app password.

You can choose the app for which you want to generate the password. It all requires a set of steps that will let you complete this task. Our team of professionals offers detailed assistance to every customer that can fix this Yahoo mail not working on iPhone trouble. 

Use Yahoo Mail App

Make sure to access your Yahoo mail account through the Yahoo email app. If you were working on it till now through your browser or any other third-party app. Just download and install it right from your app store. This may also resolve your yahoo mail not working on iPhone trouble.


We have described the multiple methods that can fix this issue of yahoo not working on iPhone. You have to just go through all of these troubleshooting guidelines one by one and check which one can fix this trouble. Your every Yahoo email solution is available at our Yahoo customer care service.

Our team of Yahoo email customer support professionals is the best and most reliable option for this. We will assist you to go through every troubleshooting way that will fix this Yahoo mail not working on iPhone. You can reach us through the yahoo customer services phone number at +1-410-896-8780. We are also available to respond to your queries through the live chat or email option.

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