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October 7, 2022
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yahoo mail keeps crashing on android

The annoying problem happens when your Yahoo mail keeps crashing on android. The Yahoo mail service is coming forth as one of the dominating email platforms. People use it on almost every device, including their phones, laptops, or PCs. Just because of some issues this mail app breaks down and does not let you send or receive mail. Here, we will help you out from this Yahoo mail keeps stopping issue.

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Why Yahoo Mail Keeps Stopping on Android?

Before checking out the solution for this Yahoo mail keeps crashing on android trouble, you should know the roots of this problem. Which are:

  • The Yahoo email does not work cause of the older web browser version you are using for it. The use of an older device operating system is another reason for this issue. 
  • Some bugs in the Android system webview & Yahoo application stop it from working. 
  • The caches and excess app data. 
  • Any changes in IMAP or POP configuration and unstable internet connection cause this error. 

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing on Android?

Here below we have mentioned some of the fastest troubleshooting guidelines that will resolve this Yahoo mail keeps stopping android trouble:

Fix the Android System Webview & Chrome

One of the most occurring reasons that result in this Yahoo mail app crashing trouble. The android system webview is the internal part of the operating system that helps to command every application of the android phone. Any issue in this system webview causes malfunctioning of your phone’s Google and other apps. In such conditions, you should download and install the latest version of the system webview and Chrome. 

It starts from “Play store” and enters the “Android system webview” in the box and updates it. Similarly, you can also update the browser you are using for instance it is Chrome or any other.

Our yahoo mail customer support can guide you through updating all of these phone’s software. This will surely fix this Yahoo mail keeps stopping android.

Clear App Data & Cache

The next way to fix this Yahoo mail keeps crashing on android is just to clean up the cache and app data. This method will wipe out your all data from the Yahoo application and you have to sign in again. However, it will surely treat the unresponsive problem and make Yahoo start working again. 

The cleaning cache procedure starts from the setting of the phone and to the “Apps and Notifications”. Here, you will get the Yahoo application, find the storage option, and then select the clear cache option. This will clear the cache files and data of your application.

Our team of professionals will help you to know how to delete the cache of the Yahoo application from your android phone. 

Reinstall The Yahoo Email App

It is general and unofficial troubleshooting that works sometimes and resolves most of Yahoo’s errors. For doing this, you have to uninstall Yahoo mail, this will not delete your data or customized mail settings. You have to go to the settings of your android phone and go to the Yahoo app. Go for the uninstall option and wait till it gets done. Now, go to the Play store and find the Yahoo application and install it again and start working on it. 

To know how to complete this uninstallation process without deleting your mail data, you should take our assistance. Our professional Yahoo mail support experts will guide you so that you can fix this Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing on Android trouble.

Force Stop & Restart The Yahoo App

Some short-term errors in Yahoo mail can be treated just by force-stopping the Yahoo app. Usually, it is not preferred by some smartphones to force stop them. However, in this condition, it is better to do it. The force stop function of an app allows it to restart the app’s memory. It starts from the phone’s starting app and finds Yahoo and taps on the “force stop” option. Restart the app again to check if it fixes the issue of Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing on Android. 

Before performing this fix, you should contact us for getting every information about doing this operation on your phone. Our experts will guide you with every technicality that can fix this yahoo mail keeps stopping android phones. 

Make Space on Your Device

One of the most obvious factors that cause your Yahoo mail keeps crashing is the condition of running out of space on your phone. Every application requires a certain storage space on your phone to function. If you got low internal storage or RAM, it will result in keep crashing your Yahoo or other applications also. You can try clearing caches of applications and uninstalling unnecessary apps from your phone. 

To clear up space on your phone, you should ask our team of Yahoo mail customer support service. We will guide you to clear space from your phone by eliminating junk and cache files in it. This may resolve this error of yahoo mail keeps crashing on android. 

Disable the Firewall Setting

Optimize the firewall setting option that can fix this yahoo mail keep stopping error. The firewall system on your android makes sure to block harmful data from entering your network. This function sometimes stops the Yahoo data on your phone. It becomes the only solution to disable this feature option and check if it resolves the issue. If your yahoo mail keeps stopping android, then enable the firewall again and look for another solution. 

Our team of Yahoo mail customer care service is the solution to get reliable guidelines that can counter this  Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing on Android.

Uninstall Android System Webview

Any temporary glitch in the Android system webview is also led you to the problem of yahoo mail keeps stopping android smartphones and other apps also. A simple way is to uninstall it from the Google play store which will help you in fixing this app’s constantly stopping error. 

By following our team of expert guidance you can successfully uninstall this webview system and start the Yahoo app working again. If the faulty system webview is the source of this error, then uninstalling it will treat this Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing on Android obstacle. 

We are here to guide you to the safe uninstallation of the android webview system. Just ask our Yahoo mail support service team for the full instruction guide. 

Conclusion of  Yahoo Mail Keeps Crashing on Android

Here, we have stated above the easy & best ways to treat this Yahoo mail app keeps stopping issues. You have to just imply all of the troubleshooting guidelines that will take you near the fixation of this error. Our team of Yahoo mail customer support service professionals will guide you to perform each troubleshooting.

You can reach us through the Yahoo customer services phone number +1-410-896-8780, live chat, or the mail platform. With our instant response to your call,  we will offer you a reliable remote solution that can let you overcome this yahoo mail keeps stopping android problem.

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